To be our editor means to be our partner and we want our partner to be serious and effective. Anyone can become an editor if he/she proves their ability to maintain a category. However, number of editors per category is limited by 3. Therefore we will not give away the editor status to anyone who asks for it.

Our editors are able:

- Moderate a category they assigned for. This means they can validate, approve, disapprove, submit and edit link links listed in the category.
- Move links in the category. Yes, they can move their own link on top positions too.
- share 50% of advertising revenue they bring in. Lets say if an editor brings an advertiser for a category then the editor will get 50% of what advertiser paid for as long as advertiser continues his campaign..

To become an editor you must:

- be willing to promote your category in any way possible ( spam is strictly prohibited). The traffic to the category will be monitored and an editor will lose his editor status if the traffic is low. Traffic must be no less than 500 unique visitors a day to a category.
- look for and bring in advertisers. If no advertisers are brought in then no revenue sharing will take place.

To apply for editor status please contact us via e-mail.


-Your member name ( you have to be registered member to apply)
-Your first and last name
-Your site URL (if any)
- Category you wish to apply for.
- How long have you been in this industry.