Advertising info.

Best Cupid is one of the greatest places to advertise your dating site. We target dating audience. The level of traffic you receive depends on your position in the category your site is listed in.
NOTE: Even if your site is listed as a sponsor you may get your site listed on first position in your sponsor group by placing out link on your site. Just one visitor a day from your site via this link will move your site to the top of your sponsor group.

All links in a category are listed strictly by link type (group). There are 3 major link types and all links are marked by the group they belong to:

Sponsor links groups

We offer 3 types of sponsor links:

- General. Marked as sponsor: general in categories. Top position everywhere. Starts at 0.20/click
- Pay per click. Marked as sponsor: click-0.XX  in categories. You pay for each click. Goes after general sponsors (some exceptions apply). See details below
- Flat rate per day. Marked as sponsor: day-XX in categories. You pay flat rate per day. Goes after "per click" group. See details below


For GENERAL sponsors only. We may need both 120x60 and 88x31 buttons and, of course, good description of your site with all details.

All rates are based on Euro.
Payment is accepted in US and Canadian funds.

Each link types is broken into many subtypes according to the amount of money which is paid

Types of sponsor groups. All links in the directory have link type indication.
Sponsor: general

Sponsor: click-0.20
Sponsor: click-0.10

Sponsor: day- 10
Sponsor : day-0.50
  You choose any amount you pay per each click
from   0.10 to 0.20 per click
You choose any amount you pay per day
from 0.50/day  to 10/day
( 15/mo - 300 /mo)
Pay per each click.
You specify the amount you want to pay for each click. The higher bid the higher position. For high bids may located in sponsor general area.
Flat rate per day. You get a lot or little- it's one price. Higher bid - higher position.
The rate is based on a 0.20 or more per click ( the more bid the better position).
No specific level of traffic.
No specific level of traffic.
  Minimum pre-payment

Payment is accepted in Canadian  ( 1 = $1.7 Cdn) or US funds ( 1= $1.3 US)

We use paypal for money transfer or credit card payments (for small amounts mostly). Also payment is accepted by checks/money orders, bank or Western Union transfers.

Contact us for all further details.