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Dear Webmaster,

Thank you for taking your time to submit your site to Best Cupid directory. The listing is FREE and we do require a reciprocal link like all other dating directories out thereOur focus is to build a high quality directory so we list all good quality dating related sites. We have run this directory since 1999 and are pretty well known in the dating industry. Here are just few reasons why you should list your site with us:

- Traffic. It cost a lot of money these days. You get it free.
- Extremely targeted audience- Dating related traffic.
- Your site name recognition- People should know you before they use your service.
- Higher ranking in search engines- That's about link popularity.
- Our users can bookmark your site right from our directory for later use.
Our users can build their own collection of links they like right within the directory.
Our users can e-mail your link to their friends.
- Our users can vote for your site and this can improve your position and credibility.
- Our users can comment or write a review on your link and this can boost your credibility.

NOTE: if you wish us to review and post editor's comment about your services you have to provide 3 free accounts so three of our editors could experience your services in full. Contact us with details.

All sites submissions are reviewed by our editors and if approved appear in the listing so please read the following rules and FAQ section carefully before you submit your site.

Important: in order to submit or edit your links and use other "member only" features you have to be a member (registered user) of our community. By submitting your link you agree that we may contact you on occasion basis should we have any announcements for our members. Otherwise you should not submit your site. All links submitted by registered users (members) with invalid e-mail addresses will be deleted (so you should update your profile in case of e-mail change)

We accept:

- Dating  (no exception) and relationship related sites.
- Sites with original GOOD QUALITY content.
- Adult (sexual relationships) oriented dating sites.
Must have own domain name.

We do not accept:

- Sites not related to dating and relationships.
- Sites promoting pornographic related material.
- Sites listed on free host servers ( geocities, tripod, etc.).

- Sites
with no original or poor content ( example, bunch of affiliate banners)
- Sites running as affiliates for other services (accepted for paid or partner listing only).
- Sites with all (or some words) information submitted in CAPITALS.

We offer 3 free types of listing (see below on the page for more details):

- Link partner - one of the highest placements in the related category. Must provide some traffic via our reciprocal links.
- Reciprocal  - place our link on your site. Position depends on the traffic and votes.
- Regular - temporary listing for new submissions for the sites which have not placed a reciprocal link yet. Lowest positions in the listing. Must comply with the rules above.

Also 3 types of paid sponsor listing

- General - See advertising info.
- Per click - See advertising info.
- Per day flat rate- See advertising info.

NOTE: all links in each link group (link type) are sorted by 2 factors:

-Votes  - (people can vote (rate) your site within the directory or from your site)
Hits In
 - (level of traffic from reciprocal links placed on your site)

The higher both numbers the higher you link is placed in your LINK TYPE (group) in the category. For example, if your site was listed as RECIPROCAL on the spot #60 and your visitors were active to vote for your site then your site might move to the spot  let's say #15 in RECIPROCAL group or even higher.
REMEMBER: just one click from your site a day can move your site to the top of your link group.

  • LINK PARTNER listing (free, reciprocal link required)

Located almost at the top of related category (this group is located after general and pay per click sponsors). Also can be promoted on other pages of our directory and partner sites.

The requirements to be placed in "link partner" group are:

Your site has to provide minimum 40-50 visitors a day to our site. The more visitors we get from you the closest you are going to be to the top. To be placed in this group you have to place one or more of our codes (see below for the samples) on any page(s) on your site. Once again the sites generating more incoming traffic and votes will be placed higher in this group. It is recommended to use our hidden delayed pop under windows (see below for pop under samples) and voting form together to get the highest positions in this group.

Note: For sites generating high traffic (300 visitors or more a day) we could possibly offer a spot in some of our "sponsor" groups which with the highest placement in the directory.

IMPORTANT: You MUST contact us if you placed any of our codes on the high traffic pages so we could customize the codes for you in order to count all incoming traffic and move your site to this group

  • RECIPROCAL listing (free, reciprocal link required)

This group of links is located after all sponsors links and before regular. To be placed in this category you have to put one of our codes (see below) on any page(s) of your site and your site has to generate daily at least some traffic to us via those codes. If the codes are placed on hidden (or inactive) pages and generate very low or no traffic (or no user voting) then your site will be moved to regular group.

  • REGULAR  listing (temporary, free)

This group contains:

- New submissions. Temporary listing. The site owner must place a reciprocal link on his site within a couple of weeks. IMPORTANT: all sites without reciprocal links will be removed.

- Sites with reciprocal links which produce very low traffic via those links.

This group of links is located at the very bottom of every category listing. The more sites we list in the other groups the lowest position all links in this group will get. For popular categories you should estimate your link to be on position #100 and lower. The reciprocal link (link back to us) must be placed on your site within a couple of weeks. Otherwise your site may be removed from the listing.

The only way to be placed higher in this group is to put any of our codes on any of your ACTIVE page(s) so at least some of your visitors could help you to get on higher position in this link group.  Just keep in mind that very often just one click or vote via our code can bring your site to the top ( let's say from #200s position to #50 position or higher). Perhaps,  it would not the best position but it would be closer to the top and most importantly that you would have many of your competitors left behind just because of one click.

HOW TO submit your site to REGULAR group (this is default for ALL submissions):

- Register as member (bottom of every page). You might be required to verify your e-mail address.
- Go to Index
- Choose your subcategory within a category. 
- At the bottom of the listing find "Suggest New Link".
- Fill out the form. Choose "regular" as link type. DO NOT CHANGE IT.
- Submit your link.
- You will be notified when your site is reviewed and added to the directory.
- For listing on higher positions see below.

IMPORTANT: A link back must to be placed on your site (any active page) within a couple weeks after your site appears in the listing.

HOW TO be listed in 
RECIPROCAL and LINK PARTNER groups (see reciprocal link samples below)

- Submit your site as "regular" first (see above).
- Log in. Login link is at the bottom of every page.
- Find your link (read FAQ if you have problem to find it)
- Get linking code at the bottom of your link display (read FAQ if you have problem)
- Put any of our codes on any of your page(s).
- Edit your link and change link type to "reciprocal". You can edit your link at any time later.
- Submit your changes.

We will review your changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you put any pop under codes (see samples below) on your site you MUST let us know what code you used. We will activate this code after you notify us and if your site generates enough incoming traffic then your site will be moved to "link partner" group

For paid sponsor listing visit advertising info page.

Linking logos and codes.

We offer the following methods of linking to us in order to gain  higher position in our listings. You can place any of the below on any page of your site. Just remember that if you hide our link too deep on your site it is not going to help you to get the desirable position.

- Voting form.
- Text links
- Logos
- Delayed hidden pop under big or small windows. Sitting quietly on background. (recommended for "link partner" listing)
- Delayed pop under hidden window on exit. Opens in 40 seconds after user left your site. (recommended for "link partner" listing)

  • Pop under windows are recommended to use if you wish to be as close to the top in your category as possible. All pop unders are hidden  and open with delay (open quietly on background after some time (usually in 10-20 seconds) user spends on your site so he will never see it loading. Also all pop unders are opened only once per user session so it will not open again while the visitor is on your site. Recommended to use with voting form for even better position.
  • Voting form is another great way to increase your rating and be listed close to top. People can rate your service right on your website. Each vote will count 1 vote and 1 Hit In at same time which will take your link to higher position. It's very simple concept. If people rate your site high which means your site is high quality and this rating will take you on top. The more people vote the higher you are listed.
  • Text links and logos may help you too if placed on visible positions.

You may choose any combination of the above.

All links or logos when clicked on your site will open a new window so your visitor will stay on your site.

Logos and voting forms samples

these logos and forms are NOT for use on your site
To get the code for your site follow RECIPROCAL listing instructions above.

Text links

Logo (88 x 31)

Logo  (120 x 60)

Voting form (demo)

Internet Dating Center

Rate our site

Hidden Pop under windows samples

To get the code for your site follow RECIPROCAL or
LINK PARTNER listing instructions above.

Note, that these samples are modified for easy viewing. To see the pop unders work in real life please visit the links marked "partner" in the directory.

Hidden delayed big pop under

Hidden delayed small pop under

Hidden delayed pop under on exit

Click here Click here Click here