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Even if your site does not get a lot of traffic and you can not sell anything because of that you still CAN MAKE MONEY with us. It's EASY!

Option 1.

Your get money just for driving Internet users to YOUR site. The more users you get to your site the more money you get from Best Cupid. We are not going to pay you money for the visitor who clicked on our banner and left your site for good. We are not going to pay you money for making sales for us because there is NO sales! You get paid while YOUR user enjoy YOUR site. You get the money for keeping your site clean from our banners, buttons and other flashing, blinking stuff constantly asking YOUR visitor to leave YOUR site. 

We do not require any certain number of impressions or number of clicks  from your site. It's a freedom for you.  If you sell something on your site- sell it! In addition to your sales you will get money from us. If you  have some traffic ( even if it's very low) to your site but do not sell anything- here is your chance to easy MAKE MONEY

You may ask us how we are going to advertise ourselves if we do not ask you to put our banners on your site. It is very simple and it's fairly new system. The whole purpose of this system is that you can make some money without losing your visitors from your site. All we ask you is to insert a tiny ( just one line) code on your site which will open a new smaller window* in the browser on background of your main browser window. We call it "hidden window". 

Why is it hidden? It's because it opens itself on the background and your visitor does not see it until he or she closes the main browser. Therefore, your visitor may visit your site and ten other sites and never see that hidden window ( in many cases a user does not even know where it came from) Then he/she decides that it's time to get off the computer and  closes the main browser. At this moment a user can see our hidden window. That's the only thing you get paid for- just to open that hidden  window. No matter if a user goes to view our site or he closes the browser completely and shut down his computer - YOU get the money. Every visitor to your site makes you money!

If you think that our hidden window will negatively affect your traffic- you are wrong. Many big corporations use this technique. ( for instance CNN, MSN, Yahoo search and others). Please do not forget, we offer a " hidden window" which is completely opposite to pop up window. Pop up window is visible and may annoy your visitors, while our hidden window hides behind the browser and is not visible at all.

This also is called " pay per impression" option. This is the best option to make some money because it's guaranteed income. You know the number of your visitors so you can predict how much you make. No worries about sales, no worries about clicks through! Each visitor makes you money.

The huge difference between our system and other referral programs based on impressions is:

1.Our system hides our smaller window* behind the main browser window , because we do not want to make your visitors to leave your site while other " paid per impression" systems require you to put the banners on the highest  spots on your site so people can see them easily to make them click ( so when they are clicked , your visitor leaves your site for good).

2. Our system does not require any clicks through minimums while other " pay per impression" systems require that the banners placed on your site should produce a minimum amount of clicks through- otherwise you do not get paid!

3. We pay 300%-1000% more than the highest paid " per impression" systems. We pay starting $1 per thousand impressions and the rate is growing depending on your traffic while the other systems pay $.015-$0.25  per thousand of impressions. Below you will find a table with the rates. 

4. We guarantee that you will make money constantly as long as you remain as an active member. We are not an advertising network and we do not depend on advertisers. Be aware that advertising networks  depend on advertisers. Be careful if you join them ( especially those which offer very high rate). The higher rate they promise you, the higher rate they have to charge advertisers. The higher rate rate they charge advertisers , the higher chance they do not get ones. It's very simple. If they do not have advertisers ( it happens very often)- you do not get paid. In addition to that almost all of them simply cheat on you ( we checked it out ourself)! We pay from our pocket, so your money is GUARANTEED.

For your information. Fewer and fewer companies offer "Pay per impression" option today since it's not too good for advertisers. They want results so more and more advertisers offer " pay per click " or " pay per sale" options. We do not require neither clicks nor sales!

Interested? Click here to see how this system works. 

Rates per page visits

Cost per thousand impressions $1
For dating related sites $1.50

We pay starting from $1 per thousand impressions.
NOTE: Depending on the quality of the traffic you have we may go up to $3 per thousand of impressions.

Option 2 ( not available at this time)

We pay per click. Each unique visitors who clicks on our link on your site makes you money.

 Rate per click

Unique click


*Rates are subject to change without notice
** US funds. 

This is the easiest money making program to join. 

it's guaranteed EASY income,  nothing to sell, no banners, 
no click troughs, no lost visitors, no bad feeling!

In order to start please fill out the form:


* - required field. 

* Pay to (Your first and last name OR your company name)

* Your e-mail address ( must be absolutely valid)

* Your address including country ( must be absolutely correct)
Your address ( continue here)

* Your page URL which will have our link on it

* Your site main topic

* Approximate traffic per month 

Demographic ( if known)

* Language used on your site

Hidden window ( recommended)
Per click

  I agree with the terms and conditions

We will review your site and send you the code via e-mail you specified in the form.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

-You may place the given code only on one page on your site ( the one you specified in the form). All the other pages will be ignored. All artificial traffic generation will lead to immediate termination of the account without notice.

- The payment is send out at end  of each month as soon as your account accumulates $35 (for option 1). If you did not earn $35 a month all the current balance will roll over to the next month and will be paid when it reaches $35. For option 2 ( per click) the commission are paid when reached $50. 

Terms and conditions

* The size of hidden window may vary.


We offer the best option for making money without disturbing your visitor.  
Just click on each link below to see how the system works.

1. Hidden  window. Just click on the link to see it works. The size of hidden window may vary.


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- " per click" option makes you money when someone clicks on a banner. Therefore you totally depend on that banner- how good it is. In addition, the payout rate on click through basis is usually extremely low ( between 1-3 cents per click) so you have to drive a huge traffic to somebody's site to make any money. Remember, that you loose your visitors while driving the traffic away from your site. Also, if the click through rate is very low it means that you just provide free advertising.

- " pay per sale" option is the most preferable choice for today's affiliate programs. Why? It's because your money depends on your performance and a person who you are working for does not take any risk. He only gets the money. It's very good for a business owner because his affiliate program  is nothing more than free advertising. You may drive huge traffic to another website, but make $0 as a result, because you never know how well that product or service is sold. There are many big companies which never pay for advertising. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising if they get free advertising through their affiliate networks.

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